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Stick ice cream machine: La Ghiacciola GS1000

Professional ice cream maker: La Ghiacciola GS1000

La Ghiacciola GS1000 twice-patented, is the upgraded version of the GS100 machine invented in 2004 in Italy by Vincenzo: it is the only automatic machine for making artisanal gelato, sorbets and popsicles on a stick.

La Ghiacciola GS 1000 is extremely compact and fully automatic in order to minimize manual operations.

It has a high production capacity; it requires only a few minutes for each production cycle (24 pieces), guaranteeing low costs and high profit margins.

It has 6 different programs to produce automatically artisanal Ice-cream, Sorbet, Mini-stick, Filling, Stuffed, Two-flavours and Hot.

The limit of popsicles has always been to have just one flavour per stick.

C.C.F.overcame that problem creating the suction roll; a particular tool that allows to produce an infinite  combination of flavours: Sorbet filled with soft Ice-cream or gelato stuffed with creamy fruit or chocolate souce.

La Ghiacciola has been created, designed and manufactured to provide the consumer a valid alternative to industrial products.

Professional ice cream maker

The ice-cream maker allows to produce creamy ice-cream using just a few, simple, natural ingredients with no need of air insufflation.

The high-quality of the product is guaranteed by the technique applied, physical principle that characterizes the product, the flash freezing of the mixture.

Unlike its “sister” La Ghiacciola Dessert, thanks to the accessories and triangular moulds supplied, it can produce ice-cream cakes already cut into portions, with or without sticks.


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