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Ice cream stick machine: DRIER S/2

Professional ice cream stick machine: Drier S/2


Among the ice-cream shop equipment there is the Drier S/2. It  was designed by C.C.F., to be used together with “La Ghiacciola”, the completely automatic popsicle maker machine.


In order to be able to take the popsicle out of the “La Ghiacciola”, the machine automatically heats the moulds up during the last 2 minutes of the production. Given that, the lollies come out wet of “La Ghiacciola”. We leave them in the Drier S/2 to be dried in order to be stock.


 The blast freezer Drier S/2 with its inner cooling system complete with a fan, kept at a temperature of approximately – 32°C, restore the state micro crystallization’s state  in in few minutes.


The removable inner stainless steel tank, with rounded corners, has been designed to guarantee the perfect cleaning of all parts which come into contact with the product.


The temperature inside the machine is constantly displayed through the front panel.



ice cream stick machine



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