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PAI – Recessed Autonomous Chest

PAI – Recessed Autonomous Chest

The use of the chest counter for ice cream preservation is taking foot in Italy and abroad, due to both the history it represents which harkens back to the origins of the artisan ice cream maker, a sign of high quality ice cream and the good preservation of the product. CCF has simplified the construction of this characteristic counter and improved the conservation quality of the product, applying a simple but effective technology.

How it works

PAI is handmade in Torino, Italy and contains a simple yet affordable and effective technology.
Each PAI is equipped with its refrigeration system that directly freezes the chamber containing the carapina, therefore avoiding having to freeze an enormous mass of steel, iron, wood and glycol, this provides unique characteristics, listed below, the two most important ones for a good preservation of ice cream are: the possibility to adjust the temperature for each flavour and the maintaining a constant temperature without oscillations. These two characteristics allow to keep any ice cream flavour dry and easy to scoop, even those with low sugar or alcohol contents.

Technical features:

  • Maintaining constant temperatures without oscillations;
  • Temperature guaranteed up to -20 with 30 degrees ambient temperature
  • Minimum consumption 1.7 KW/24h;
  • Air condensation;
  • Quietness 3db (like a home fridge)
    R600 Eco friendly Gas
  • No routine maintenance;
    2 year system warranty! (CCF will ship a new replacement PAI in case of malfunctions);
  • No temperature difference between the upper and lower carapina
  • Improved product visibility (compared to the traditional chest counter);
  • Weight 24 kg.

Each PAI is equipped with a digital thermostat for temperature adjustment

Anti rotation Carapina holder, simple carapina and mini-carapina with diam. 200 h250 /h125 (not included)


No shape limit for your shop, the counter can be shaped as you prefer, or it can be adapted to the shape of the store, saving money, time and effort and most of all using the best technology available on the market today!

It can be inserted in any type of counter or existing context and it has an infinite number of combinations to create your own custom counter! Due to its modularity, PAI can be used to insert ice cream in existing shops, taking advantage of small unused spaces like: bars, pastry shops, restaurants, etc.




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