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Ice cream freezer: ICY 648

Freezer for ice-cream: ICY 648


ICY 648 is a freezer with high refrigeration power, made to be open many times in a short period of time and specifically designed for the storage of ice-cream and sorbets on a stick.


Its reduced size allows to fit many products in a small room.


Icy 648 freezer for ice-cream appliance consists of a single polyurethane body with an internal stainless steel lining and an external, plasticized metal sheet coating. The appliance instruments are located on the upper front panel where the electrical wiring is housed.


The motor and condenser units are housed in the lower part of the applianceclosed by a front panel and a rear grid.


Inside the freezer suitable supports have been fitted for shelves to hold storage drawers, 9 food-grade polystyrene drawers with their respective covers, to store a total of 648 ice-creams on sticks.


The doors are fitted with an automatic return device and magnetic seal elements.

ice cream freezer


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