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Our pioneering mission.

When you are passionate about what you do, you are never tire of it and it brings energy to all those things that come together to create something new.

We created something new, in our own small way, in 2006 when we realised that the sector of traditional ice-cream needed to do something to keep up with the new emerging markets.

We were the first to create high-quality traditional ice-cream on a stick. Industry had already been successful with the stick but nothing  sparkled the idea of naturalness and tradition that Vincenzo had in his mind and which we intend today to do become a philosophy of consumption.

In 2007, we were able to collect all our experience from over the years to create an equipment for ice-cream on a stick, investing in technology and research and reaching some considerable results with one of our most successful machines: the Ghiacciola, an extraordinary automatic machine for the production of ice-cream on a stick that preserves the naturalness of the product thanks to a powerful – and patented – refrigeration system that allows the production of traditional artisan ice-cream and sorbets on a stick at extremely low temperatures.

Completing the circle, C.C.F. came up with a selection of specific equipment and accessories for the production and display of ice-cream on a stick.
From that moment, thanks to Vincenzo Sottile’s invention, the “Made in Italy” concept of the traditional ice-cream parlour has been transformed.

Today, you really can produce traditional ice-cream, with just a few genuine local ingredients but, on a stick!


Vincenzo Sottile


Cinzia Parolo


Lina Sottile


A. Anzoletti


Anna Lawnik