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Ice-cream on a stick: a genuine, original idea for your business

Once upon a time there was an artisanal ice-cream on a stick…


And this is not only how the history of Italian ice-cream on a stick started, but also the history of CCF.
With great passion and dedication, CCF has kept up a tradition which bears the “Made in Italy” brand worldwide.


Today, it is possible to confirm that artisanal ice-cream on a stick produced using traditional methods as in the past, still exists.




The production procedure has been simplified, there are infinite decorations, there is no product waste, and, in particular, the quality is of an extremely high standard: this is 100% genuine, delicious, fresh, creamy artisanal ice-cream without air insufflation.


The ice-creams are a combination of fresh cream and milk, while sorbets are produced with just a few, simple, natural ingredients: fresh fruit, water and sugar.


With CCF professional machines, it is possible to produce ice-cream without preservatives, colourants, artificial flavourings, hydrogenated vegetable fat, synthetic emulsifiers or mono and diglycerides of fatty acids.


The creaminess and the quality of the end product are the result of a procedure carried out using the right tools, developed by the company. To achieve this goal, CCF proposes a range of professional ice-cream machines especially designed to produce simple, delicious, natural artisanal ice-cream which makes the work of the ice-cream maker much easier.


Ice-cream on a stick is a unique, inimitable product: in other words, it is simply ORIGINAL!


Not only can the ice-cream be produced in many flavours, it will also amaze your customers with creative decorations and even create delicious ice-cream cakes.
This artisanal ice-cream is practical to transport as it remains creamy even in the freezer at home, maintaining its organoleptic and structural properties unaltered for months: this is yet another benefit, being able to satisfy consumers’ needs.


Moreover, this ice-cream is also ideal for celiac or vegans as it is gluten-free and made of soya with a low glycaemic index: this is a special ice-cream which meets everyone’s needs.

ice-cream on a stick

In short, CCF manufactures professional machines for producing artisanal ice-cream on a stick, providing a valid, nutritious and natural alternative to industrial ice-cream product.



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