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Professional and innovative ice-cream machines

Ice-cream machines to re-discover the great tradition of sorbets and ice-creams on a stick produced as once, using artisanal techniques.


CCF, founded in 1985, is one of the leading Italian companies in the ice-cream sector specialised in the field refrigeration artisanal for ice-cream.


Thanks to the vast experience it has gained over the years, along with a strong passion for ice-cream, in 2004, CCF created and patented the first automatic machine in the world to produce ice-cream on a stick: La Ghiacciola has a continuous production with an capacity of 1,000 pieces a day.


Today, the company manufactures professional ice-cream machines in order to allow those who already run or wish to open an ice-cream store, a café or a restaurant, to offer to their customers a natural, healthy and genuinely artisanal product.


Thanks to the sophisticated, innovative technology applied, CCF ice-cream machines make it possible to efficiently and rapidly produce sorbets, ice-lollies and ice-creams on a stick using only a few, natural ingredients with a remarkable quality/price ratio which guarantees high profit margins even with a reduced-capacity production.



ice-cream machines

These machines have been specifically studied and designed to simplify the production process of making ice-creams on a stick without compromise the quality of the end product. In fact, the powerful efficiency of CCF machines guarantees the creation of high-quality ice-cream, while at the same time, keeping its genuineness and compactness unaltered over time.


Alongside the Ghiacciola, CCF puts available to customers, a series of specifically designed equipment and accessories for the production, storage and display of ice cream on a stick.

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