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How to open an innovative, original ice-cream store

The ice-cream business: a Costantly-growing market


Today, it is possible to open an artisanal ice-cream store or to expand your range of products by selling a genuinely artisanal ice-cream on a stick.


Are you planning to open an ice-cream store? Or do you already have a café, a restaurant, a kiosk or a bakery and you are looking for an idea to offer to your customers something irresistible?


You have come to the right place: come and discover the CCF professional machines to make ice-cream on a stick.
Among the many advantages of making artisanal ice-cream your profession, perhaps the most important include the limited investment required, speedy distribution to the consumer and entry in a big market. Moreover, thanks to the CCF-patented technology, the production procedure has been simplified; no product waste and it has a low energy consumption.


Artisanal ice-cream is produced directly in the ice-cream store or in the separate lab, so that customers can be offered natural and original ice-cream, dye and with 100% preservative-free. Starting with a few, natural ingredients, it is possible to create countless decorations in order to astonish your customers; the ice-cream is also practical to transport and it remains creamy for a long time.

open ice-cream store

Over recent years, the ice-cream business has undergone continuous growth, yet it is not enough to just open a simple ice-cream store: it is necessary to keep up with and fulfil new market needs. Consumers are gradually paying more attention to the quality of products offered on the market and they are increasingly more inclined to choose natural, top quality products.


At the same time, they are looking for something that not only satisfies their palate but is also a feast for their eyes.


Founded in 1985, CCF specialises in the manufacturing of equipment for the production, preservation and display of artisanal ice-cream on a stick. After gaining many years of experience, in 2004, CCF decided to create the first automatic machine to produce ice-cream on a stick: La Ghiacciola.


The mission pursued by the CCF family has continued by means of the creation of a specific equipment system for the production of artisanal ice-cream on a stick.


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